If you live anywhere near Evansville Indiana please be safe because apparently 10 women have been abducted and now they’re saying it’s a possible serial killer sO please don’t go anywhere alone


~i am waiting for more info on the missing 10 women in evansville. i know just about as much as you do. our news system here sucks and i live 3 hours away now so most of my information is coming from facebook, twitter, friends, and relatives.  ive heard 10, 4, 7, 15, and so many different numbers i have no idea how many are missing or what is true but stay safe either way. if you want to stay updated i suggest the evansville watch facebook page~



If someone cheats on you they do not love you, remember that. If someone cheats on you they do not care about you as much as they say they do. If someone cheats on you it means that for a split second you were off their mind long enough for them to put another person in arms that should only be for you. If someone cheats on you, dear god, I hope you don’t go back to them because you are worth so much more than that.